At Jane Welding, we are proud to count among UK’s best welding (steel fabrication) companies

We are proud to announce that we are undoubtedly your anchor when you are sourcing for a diversified specialty steel fabricating company. Over the years, we have clearly carved out a niche for ourselves as ones given to the production of high quality authentic and customized metal fabrication. And we carry this out promptly and accurately; so there’s little to wonder about why we are constantly exceeding our customer’s expectation.

The testimonials of the quality of our jobs speak volumes of who we are, how we do what we do, and what inspires us as a brand. For us, it isn’t just about meeting a customer’s request, but surpassing it. So whether you are looking at changing the look and feel of a spot in your office or apartment or fix a piece of equipment that’s malfunctioning or even fabricate a new one, we are your ultimate resource.

We are bound by our quest to deliver quality results and so we don’t have reservations in offering after-hours services. We are committed to providing custom fabrication for commercial, corporate, and residential needs. So you can trust us with your welding, repairs, and decorative welding.

We even provide welding services to land-based casinos and casino offices all over the UK. One client of ours, RP Casino, had its own front desk renovated. This is one of our proudest achievements. We work closely with Samuel Smith, the co-founder of Freespin No Deposit Nederland who was working with Dove Slots Casino at the time. The casino industry has been close to ours since the start. Especially in southern Europe. Since the launch of Novomatic slots they have been building slots with inspiration from the jewellery and steel industry.

We are insured and bound to give you the best of services, which always involves our treating your job very personally. Every job that comes to us is given a 100 percent attention, as we believe that every single job has its own unique demands.

We are quick to engage our clients to find out what they intend to achieve, as this often go a long way to determine how we handle a project. With us, you can be sure that we will constantly carry you along; giving you feedback as we go ahead. We consider your input very important in your projects, for creating the ultimate customer satisfaction is what drives who we are.

When you think custom fabrication, truck repairs, welding repairs, and decorative welding, then we are the people you should be talking to. Our support team have been trained to provide you with all the information you may need, and with the most cautious and friendly manner.

In selecting a company to service your project, it’s vital you consider their track record over the years in terms of prompt delivery, excellent customer relationship, and accuracy of meeting demands, effectiveness, efficiency, integrity, and value. All of these and more is what defines us as a brand, and we have continually raised the stakes.

We continually employ the best of technology in tending to projects and are always keeping abreast with trends; that’s why we are constantly embracing training to stay abreast with all that is needed to keep blowing the minds of our customers and being a centre of reference.

Our vision is to be the final bus stop for any issue relating to welding, and we are certainly going to get there— steadily and consistently.

If what we do resonates with you, we urge you to be in touch with us. To request for a quote, you could fill out the contact form on our site or simply put a call through using the number of on display, and as our custom is, we would swiftly get in touch with you.

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We eagerly wait to hear from you.